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At Copper Creek we feature two specialized Endodontic technologies to give you the benefit of a cutting edge dental treatment experience. We utilize both Zeiss surgical microscopes and Cone-beam imaging devices to focus in on minute details during treatment, illuminate precise areas of the teeth, and produce detailed, high resolution, 3D images to vastly improve the quality of the examination and treatment. Here is a brief look at these two technologies.

Zeiss Microscope

The Zeiss surgical microscope is a sophisticated medical microscope designed to provide high visual contrasts and enhanced imaging capabilities to focus on the smallest details during a procedure. For Endodontic treatments such as root canals, these microscopes give the doctor and the patient the benefit of a comprehensive examination and a more well executed treatment through higher quality imaging and more ergonomic designs. Copper Creek employs Zeiss scope technology to provide you with high definition image material to better explain procedures and ensure that you receive the highest quality treatment possible.

Cone-beam Machine

Copper Creek utilizes the very latest in dental imaging technology and Cone-beam machines are one such device. These computed tomography (CT) machines emit x-ray beams shaped like a cone rather than a fan as in conventional CT machines to take detailed, three dimensional dental images. These imaging machines are a relatively new dental technology and are used to assess jaws, teeth, and facial structure for a variety of dental treatments. What’s more, Cone-beam units emit lower levels of radiation and have a lower cost per image, so you get higher quality dental images, more comprehensive diagnosis, and more precise treatment. Copper Creek is proud to offer this cutting edge dental technology to drastically improve our ability to gather information and give you a much more personalized and thorough diagnosis and treatment plan.


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